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“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others”

Peace! First and foremost I would like to thank the author of all creation which is the almighty GOD for giving me the  time, chances and grasp to fulfill and comply all my requirements in this subject Information and Communication Technology (ICT), without those rectitudes all my efforts were futile.

Ensuing, to my bewitching and seductive instructor, I am referring to you Miss. Jackie Paraiso whom indoctrinated, shared and explained to us, how to done things basically in an Information juncture. Salamat ka-ayu Ma’am Jack for showing us the other side  of the world(the world of Info. Tech) even if we are not yet truly in the half or even in the veridical point of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), but still we are very thankful.

In good faith and veracious speaking, I as a tutee, I was not able to cope up all our lessons and exercises, but because of that situation, I’ve learned one crucial thing and that is to be a times to the power of Nth learner in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subject...ahehehe!!! Honestly speaking Ma’am, na appreciate nako unsa ko k Bog-standard pag (ICT)  na ang e topic, but I wasn’t ale to give up because I want to learn and gain something new, cause “Better quitter never Wins”.  Look at Ma’am Jack, kabalo nakog buhat ug basic programming…ahehehe!!! programming ba ang HTML Ma’am Jack???

Since this is the first and the last  (ICT) subject that I had been taken, I dedicate this to my self its because of the reason that I will never forget this subject, who really mean a lot to me. I obtain strenuousness in complying those requirements, full of headaches and skepticism decisions, I had also experienced along the way. I said to my self  “at last natapos ra jud ang lahat“…ahehehe!!! ambot lang unsay resulta…take one ra ba???…unta!!!

  One thing I want to utter and add in this message, a fact that me, myself and I glimpsed,,, and that is to be a responsible student of every discipline or subject taken. To acquire well, and execute well in real situations.

Also for my (ICT) classmates na, nag strive hard jud ug sa mga wala (apil ko ani)…ahehehe!!! sa lamat pud sa inyung companionship. To those who helped me and motivated me to make some effort with my requirements especially sa Blog post na ang uban post copy-paste lang...ahehehe!!! ug labi najud sa HTML kunuhay na mura pud me ug mga IT or CoE students,,,ahehehe…salamat sa inyung unfailing support. Classmate ra japon ta sunod Semester hap, kung maka take One rako aning (ICT) na subject…ahehehe!!!

I really enjoyed this subject (ICT) kay diri maka download kog music for free and maka dula pajud kog free online games…dili lang magpa sapon,,,sorry Ma’am Jack!!!ahehehe…

Thank you, Salamat…I don’t know how I will express my deep feelings of gratitude to all of you, that being a part and history of my Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subject…Be Informed, Be Involved, and Be Integrated that’s what we are for!!! MUSTeans…

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Saint Valentine’s Day (commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day) is an annual holiday held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. The holiday is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love  for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”). The holiday first became associated with romantic love in the circle of  High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

Modern Valentine’s Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards.

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Hate or Love ♥?   Leave a comment

Love is not always happy, just like the sun that never shine when the weather is not good.There came a point in my life when I blamed God for all the failures I had in my love life. I believe then that He was not there to guide me or at least shield me from my frustrations and failures in my love life. I fervently prayed to Him, to give a true love that would give me strength, determination, motivation, inspiration, confidence, hope and patience  when I’m on my way to my journey in life. But I did not! My first love gave me negative influence, depression, selfishness, frustrations, sleepless nights and all the emotion of being hurt by someone you’ve treated very good as a part of your life.

For sometime, I nurtured my ill feelings. I couldn’t accept how in my mind God had ignored me. All my efforts and years of study in high school seemed futile because of love. God rejected my plea, my love grew painful and miserable as feelings of anger self pity swallowed me up. Even my relationship with my family turned bitter. I felt they were expecting more from me than I could give. My life seemed hopeless.

One day, I found my self asking, ” Should I go on feeling this way?”  I knew God had His purpose on e, thought I had to seek God and be reconciled with Him. And so I did, as His awesome presence warmed me, I began to see the blessings overflowing in my life, Yeah! I found my true love yet! All my struggle and hardships in life came vanished when I found her. I started to stand and wipe the dirt in y clothes and followed her I couldn’t thank Him enough for what I’m overcoming now, the overflowing joys and blessings He gave to me.  I a so grateful I have been reconciled with my love.

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Walk your path one step at a time. Keep your head up, and cast your dreams to the stars. Keep your belief in your self  and walk in to your new journey. You will find it magnificent, spectacular, and beyond your wildest imaginings.

I have always wanted to go the place I have never gone through and makes me refresh and relax without thinking my depression in life. Till then it had came, everything seemed perfect to me.

The place I am dreaming of is in to the place of my grandmother in the distance mountain summit at Mt. Lumot, where I spent my summer vacation last year. I am the 7th and the second to the last son in the family, so I grew up with my parents and grandparents.

One of my greatest  experience while I was spending my vacation is that I learned to work very hard, day to day. I used to woke up early in the morning to feed the hogs, chickens and the goats owned by my grandmother. In my stay there in the barn house, I started to realized that even animals need our care as their boss. Although they are very different compared to our physical appearance, but they need also our love. In this point in my life, gained so much realization for the things that nature had given to us. And even when I don’t understand the signs of the times, I believe that all things natural or artficail will turn out well because they are also be true for us.

Oh! its the last week of month of May, I should be home urgently because I have to take the last week of the enrollment for the college freshmen students. I told my grandmother that I will be home urgently, and extremely got my bring house that my grandmother wants me to give  for my mother and say goodbye to my grandmother. Lastly, give her my thanks. While I’m on my way home, I realized again that the small and short efforts of service I’ve done to the things especially to the animals make me realized that my lie is worthwhile living. All my hardships and depressions in life had gone to my grandmother’s barn house and  expressively give meaning to the existing of all the small things that God created, fr us.

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No man lives in this world without a purpose. Yet not all man know their purpose in life. Of those that know heir purpose, some get distracted along the way and lose their passion to fulfill their life vision and mission” 

There are so many places I have never been for the rest of my life, even it is near in my place. I have use to be more desirable to go to the places where I have never been. A though raced across my mind. But only one thing makes my mind very confused about the places I have never been. Is that instead of bothering my self o the places where I have never been, I’m very perplex in the place that hey called “Heaven”.

I have never been in this place since birth. We’ll, according  to some experts especially the astronomers that is is not existing the only thing they can conclude hat there is no Heaven only the stars, comets, and the planets around the solar system are presently occurring, but there is no Heaven. Based on their astronomical studies about heavenly bodies. Therefore I do not know where to find Heaven, But I believe in the place Heaven, even though it is not existing and it cannot be seen by our bare eyes. And I also believe that someday I can go and visit to the place where I have never been.

As we processed how we question and how we deal with the situation, We all came to the conclusion that only God can truly say how and where Heaven is. There has always been a burning desire in my heart to uplift my dreams in life as a teenager. I have a chance to reflect about it. I believe it is true that Heaven is there. I can just imagine, what it eels to be there. How it looks and who are there? However, God works in mysterious ways that you just can’t help but to obey. If I insist my self to God, o bring me in the pace where I have never bee, He would not take me there. Even I don’t know when the lord will take me. I may be to Heaven or hell, but all I can do is to live for the Lord, and continue the mission I believe the Lord has given to me. God really abounds in grace as He fulfilled His promise. His greatest gift to me, to be in he place I have never been…

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Acquiring knowledge in the Mindanao University of Science and Technology is the most aim of all the students, and I am one of  those students. Most students acquired knowledge from books used to refer for studying, from researching and examining things in the world to determine their nature or condition, to test the knowledge or proficiency  of someone by requiring hem to answer questions or perform tasks. And from the experiences with the subject matter being taught. Those are some profit gained from this institution. 

The activity of learning or gaining knowledge in this university is not easy as ABC. Narrow path and ambiguous destination may take place. Object or aim of someone’s endeavors may challenge the students to be more knowledge and well rounded young professionals. Analysis of a subject or situation is the aspect that needs to be considered as the specific way of learening.

Activities that involves mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or repercussion. A  piece of work needs an effort and a period of time during the task to be considered and concentrated on. Reading, writing, and making effort of all the academic works shall take place also.

Giving large part of one’s time to the burdensome subject and paying attention to cluster circumstances. applying one’s self to study, try to learn or deal with the difficult one’s than the easy thing, and the most require is giving a serious learning in the course taking up.

making an effort to achieve those plans, is the students objective which results in to quintessential life in the future is also an object to the model of exemplary. Taking account of those hardships that deals with the particular period of purpose.

Wherein Education lies in the fact that, if He has only known what He wants, He has been there already.

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You have to forget what you’re thinking right now and focus on the picture above.. Yes.. That.  🙂

Everybody loves chocolates. Who doesn’t ? I bet that if eating chocolates a lot will not pose problems in our health, everyone will eat more. Yes its an indulgence. And people want it.

People eat chocolates simply because its sweet. But some studies suggest that the way you eat yur chocolate; what kind do you like or how you want your chocolate to be or what you do with the chocolate wrapper reveals something about your personality.  

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